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Quick Search SQL Command

(1) CASE Syntax

a very common condition for SQL is using case statement. the syntax is easy, set each condition, of course, it could get complicated as you can have built in function within each WHEN condition.
    WHEN conditionA THEN outputA
    WHEN conditionB THEN outputB
    WHEN conditionC THEN outputC
    ELSE Other
Published: By: KreativeFridays - June 29, 2020

Drop the Expectation

i found myself getting angry and displeased with someone that is dear to me.I felt betrayed and think her words are superficial and fake. I thought about texting or calling her for my discontent but then i looked outside, the beautiful weather, sunny, breathy, the nature doesn't complain about me and why should i complain about another person? A person that has her own feeling and thought. No one really belongs to me, sometimes I don't even belong to myself.

we felt hurt, sad, angry because we expect certain things or ways that people should do or behave, but can we even expect that from ourselves? We can't force or bend other people's will, the only thing we can do is to change our own thought, what we need to do is to 'release' and 'drop' our expectation.

once we 'release' and 'drop' our expectation of ourselves, people or the world, then we know nothing really matter as much as we think it is. life moves like water, like wind, moving forward, no matter what, if we get stuck or fall into a ripple, that's because we tried to grab or hold on to something, that something could be as solid as leaves or rock or as soft as wind or a dragonfly. If you want to move forward, go with the flow, then you need to learn to let go of whatever is stopping you.

Instead of talking to a psychiatrist or a friend to complain or blow out the steam. An idea came to me, it's simple, it's easy, all you have to do is to 'DROP the Expectation' (no matter how big, how small, how lawful, how rightful of your expectation). You don't need to convince yourself, because whatever you are expecting is 100% correct. And you are probably 100% entitled to feel hurt or angry.

But the issue is, it doesn't bring you peace and happiness, more time and energy you spent on the topic, more depressed, negative thought would occupy your mind. In the meantime, the time is moving, calling out to you to catch up, look at the cloudless sky, smell the sweet air, now let's do it together - 'DROP the EXPECTATION' and feel Free.
Published: By: KreativeFridays - June 10, 2020


Health Benefits

There are a lot of health benefit when you bike (or Cycling), for example,
  • it will increase your cardiovascular health
  • it can increase your muscle strength
  • help with your joint joint mobility and strengthen your bones and knees
  • Reduce your stress level and anxiety

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Published: By: KreativeFridays - May 30, 2020

Amazing Yoga

Yoga originated in India and has a history of 5,000 years. Since its spread to the West in the 1960s, it has become a well-known sport and regimen. There are various benefits of practicing yoga, which can include accelerating the body's metabolism, removing body waste, helping to repair the body, strengthening the body, soothing stress, promoting blood circulation, improving endocrine disorders, and strengthening the body's elasticity. Efficacy of the disease: For example, regular back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, joint pain, insomnia, digestive system disorders, dysmenorrhea, and hair loss can be benefited from yoga practice to reduce symptoms or full recovery. But in today's busy life, how can it be possible to set aside time for yoga practice? In fact, it is always difficult in the beginning for any habit. But, if you are determined and with proper plan and direction, you can achieve your goal in 15 minutes a day. You can obtain the health benefit from practicing yoga in just 15 minutes a day.

Several reminders before your Yoga practice.
1. Fasting 2. Quiet 3. Comfortable clothes

I spent a lot of time looking for Yoga Videos for beginner that is no longer than 15 minutes, if you don't have a yoga teacher or videos you love already, you are welcome to check out the following great videos.
Great 15 Minutes Yoga
Published: By: KreativeFridays - May 24, 2020

Nature Photography

Photography is such a great hobby and skill to learn. A beautiful picture is a work of art. I like to take pictures of nature, scenery in the parks, flowers, plants and such. 
As technology improves, you can use your phone and produce stunning pictures. However, if you want to take special effect photos then you would need professional grade photography equipment. it also help if you are artistic or study basic rules for great photography.

Tools & Supplies

Smart Phone - today's smart phone can take absolutely stunning pictures
DSLR Camera - it used to be for professionals, now you get a DSLR camera at an affordable price

Memory Card - Memory card is needed for your DSLR camera 

Backup in Clouds - back up your photos with Google Photos or other cloud service


Smart Phone - If you are using a smart phone to take picture, try to take it with plenty of lights. in this blog, the pictures are taken by IPhone

Use 1/3 rule - for advancing your photography skills, please refer to books or videos or attending lessons. try not to have the main object in the middle which makes it looks dull

Feel the place - take your time find the angle or place that makes you feel relaxed or amazed. the picture will speak for itself

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Published: By: KreativeFridays - March 10, 2020

2-1-1 Food Plate

I recently found a diet book that is using simple and logical way of deciding what food to eat. Then i saw that Canada is using almost identical food guide recommendation which is really exciting. I just started to follow the simple guideline and already found it quite beneficial. 

Food Group

Protein: try to eat fish, eggs, chicken or tofu
Carbs: multigrain or sweet potatoes
Vegs- try to get at least 4 following group of vegs on your plate

  • Leaves- Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce, Brussels Sprouts
  • Roots - Beet, Carrots, Turnip, Radish
  • Seeds - Corn, Peas, Green Beans
  • Flower - Artichoke, Brocolli, Cauliflower
  • Mushroom
  • Stem - Asparagus, Celery
  • Fruit - Bitter Melon, Cucumber, Egg Plant, Squash, Pumpkin, Tomato


According to the book i read, it is important to choose the right kind of food, but just as important is the sequence that you eat them.
Step 1: drink 1-2 cup of water before the meal
Step 2: eat protein first, this will promote your digestion system
Step 3: eat your vegs, try to have as many color of them as possible
Step 4: eat your good carb
Note: since most fruits contains high in sugar, if you must, eat a small portion in the end of the meal. 

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Published: By: KreativeFridays - March 07, 2020

Polymer Clay

I recently found that it is a lot of fun making Clay figures. i do like Pokemon characters and found this video (How to sculpt Charmander from Clay video by Boo's Handmade)
The video is short and not to hard to follow, the worst part for me is making the 'eyes', it's not easy to make the shape as the video (she made it seems so easy), and once flatted the clay, i can't transfer it to the head without breaking or changing the shape of the eyes. Maybe because my clay is too soft or my hand is too warm. I finally got it halfway decent and finished it. 
The tail and toes are tricky as well, but the head, body, legs and hands are easy to make. 
Overall, i am really happy with the result.

Tools & Supplies

Polymer Clay - Sculpey III Multipack - Classic Collection
Carving Tool - Polymer Clay Tools, Genround 25 pcs Sculping tools

Paper - I used the back on the Christmas Wrapping Paper 

Oven - I used the oven at home 

Pin - I used the pin for making earrings
Acrylic Paint - if you don't have the right color of Clay, use paint 


Reference - YouTube video: How to sculp Charmander from Clay by Boo's Handmade

Body - Use Orange make oval shape, then use yellow for front belly

Arms and Legs - Use orange clay to Make 4 cylinder shapes for arms and legs

Toes - Use white clay to make 6 toes, this part is tricky, because it's small and won't stick on the leg

Head - Use orange to make the head shape, use black for the eyes and while clay for the cheek

Tail - use yellow and red clay to shape the fire tail

Put it together Use the metal pin the connect the body and head together

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Published: By: KreativeFridays - February 25, 2020

Jewelry - Drop Earrings

lately, i have been visiting Hobby Lobby a lot, and saw some really nice charms and beads, so i decide to make some drop loop earrings. Turned out to be really easy, you just need to prepare a few basic tools and find some beautiful beads, charms or pendants then you are ready to make your own custom earrings!

Tools & Supplies

Pliers - Jewelry Pliers Tools Set
Beads - Special Pendant, Charm, Metal or crystal beads

Wire   - Metal wire connect the beads 

Board - Bean design board to keep jewelry parts in place

Eye Pin - Use Eye Pin to connect beads together
Jump Rings - use this to create dangle earrings
Fish Hook Ear Wire - Use this for the Hook of the earringhttps://www.michaels.com/premium-metals-rhodium-fish-hook-earwires-by-bead-landing/10474092.htmls


Reference - Use Blogs or YouTube video regarding making custom earrings, i use this.

Beads - Select the beards or charms you want to use for your earrings

Remove unwanted part - if your beads or charms has two loops (top and bottom), you should remove one so it looks more professionally made

Connect Beads - if you have multiple beads need to get connected, you can use Eye Pin to wire them together, you can also use jump rings to connect them together to create dangling look

Connect Hook - use medal wire or Jump rings to connect the beads with the Fish Hook Ear Wire

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Published: By: KreativeFridays - February 17, 2020