Binge Reading - Dublin Murder Squad Series by Tana French

I came across Tana French's book by accident, after listening to the 'The Secret Place' audiobook, I was hooked by these beautifully and carefully crafted characters. Since the backdrop of the book happens in boarding school. Somehow that made me think of Harry Potter. It's a dark, secretive, test of loyalty and friendship. 

she is an incredible storyteller, from all directions are the layers of suspicious activities,  you can't stop yourself from reading/listening to it more and more, find out what had happened or what might happen, Rich characters are vividly displayed in your mind, tall, beautiful, strong, depressed, self-loathing, you can't help yourself to cheer or fall in love with the characters.

After a few books of hers, I start to find similarities between some characters and plots. For example, characters that are innocent, happy in nature, like Becky and Toby, turns out to be murderer, but because the situation forced them to, and instead of hate, you feel bad for them. 

The deep depression forced the main characters to go on a journey of self-destructing, they can't get themselves out of it, instead, they sink deeper and deeper like Toby in The Witch Elm and Ryan in 'In the Woods'. Women that suffered fear and unfortunate youth, turn to be cold, articulate, and have no guilt feeling of killing like Cathy in 'The likeness" and Sue in "the Witch Elm'. 

Dublin Murder Squad Series by Tana French

1. In the Woods, 2007

2. The Likeness, 2008

3. Faithful Place, 2010

4. Broken Harbour, 2012

5. The Secret Place, 2014

6. The Trespasser, 2016

Tana French Standalone Novel

1. The Witch Elm, 2018

2. The Searcher, 2020