Blogging Away

Why Blogging? The answer? Why not? It's never been easier to create your own website or blog. It's fun and if you are good or lucky, you may be able to make money as well. It's not as easy as you thought, however, when people tell you how much they had made by blogging or YouTubing. It's possible that you can do the same, just don't quit your day job yet, try it out and then decide.  


I have tried different tools or hosting sites over the years, WIX, WordPress, SiteGround... but my favorite tool is Blogger by Google, hands down. The number one reason, of course, is because it is FREE! And it's so easy to use, so you can set up a blog site in less than one hour! 

And there are so many integrated tools that you can use within the blogger, for example, Adsense, this is what Google offers Money to the creator if your blogs have visitors and they click on the Google Ads.

Another really good one I like is Google Photos, you can click on the Image icon and select photos from Google Photos directly with really high quality. Since I used my iPhone to take pictures and it uploads to Google Photos automatically, I have tons of pictures at my disposal with my blog.


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