Care Consultant (Human and Robots)

Lately, I had heard about a lot of elder parents that need long-term care. The realization made me sad but also making me think about how to prepare myself for old age. When I am old, I don't want to burden my children, and I do not want strangers in the nursing home to tend to my need. I want to live in my own house and have a Care Robot, like a maid but help me with all respect, including intellectual needs.

Whenever people think about Robots, they are imagining A robot, white with a round head, and talk funny. But if you focus on the 'care' needed for old people, then we can design Robots that do not look like robots, and they do not need to be one Talking robot.

I am a programmer and project manager, so I want to treat this as a real project. First, we need to define the objective, goals, and project plan.

What are the basic needs for aging parents to be able to live independently? 



Taking Medication






Mental Sharpness

Pay Bills

Answer Phones

Arrange Doctor Visits

Psychological (Depression?)


Keep Active