Nature Photography

Photography is such a great hobby and skill to learn. A beautiful picture is a work of art. I like to take pictures of nature, scenery in the parks, flowers, plants and such. 
As technology improves, you can use your phone and produce stunning pictures. However, if you want to take special effect photos then you would need professional grade photography equipment. it also help if you are artistic or study basic rules for great photography.

Tools & Supplies

Smart Phone - today's smart phone can take absolutely stunning pictures
DSLR Camera - it used to be for professionals, now you get a DSLR camera at an affordable price

Memory Card - Memory card is needed for your DSLR camera 

Backup in Clouds - back up your photos with Google Photos or other cloud service


Smart Phone - If you are using a smart phone to take picture, try to take it with plenty of lights. in this blog, the pictures are taken by IPhone

Use 1/3 rule - for advancing your photography skills, please refer to books or videos or attending lessons. try not to have the main object in the middle which makes it looks dull

Feel the place - take your time find the angle or place that makes you feel relaxed or amazed. the picture will speak for itself