Polymer Clay

I recently found that it is a lot of fun making Clay figures. i do like Pokemon characters and found this video (How to sculpt Charmander from Clay video by Boo's Handmade)
The video is short and not to hard to follow, the worst part for me is making the 'eyes', it's not easy to make the shape as the video (she made it seems so easy), and once flatted the clay, i can't transfer it to the head without breaking or changing the shape of the eyes. Maybe because my clay is too soft or my hand is too warm. I finally got it halfway decent and finished it. 
The tail and toes are tricky as well, but the head, body, legs and hands are easy to make. 
Overall, i am really happy with the result.

Tools & Supplies

Polymer Clay - Sculpey III Multipack - Classic Collection
Carving Tool - Polymer Clay Tools, Genround 25 pcs Sculping tools

Paper - I used the back on the Christmas Wrapping Paper 

Oven - I used the oven at home 

Pin - I used the pin for making earrings
Acrylic Paint - if you don't have the right color of Clay, use paint 


Reference - YouTube video: How to sculp Charmander from Clay by Boo's Handmade

Body - Use Orange make oval shape, then use yellow for front belly

Arms and Legs - Use orange clay to Make 4 cylinder shapes for arms and legs

Toes - Use white clay to make 6 toes, this part is tricky, because it's small and won't stick on the leg

Head - Use orange to make the head shape, use black for the eyes and while clay for the cheek

Tail - use yellow and red clay to shape the fire tail

Put it together Use the metal pin the connect the body and head together

More Pictures