Jewelry - Drop Earrings

lately, i have been visiting Hobby Lobby a lot, and saw some really nice charms and beads, so i decide to make some drop loop earrings. Turned out to be really easy, you just need to prepare a few basic tools and find some beautiful beads, charms or pendants then you are ready to make your own custom earrings!

Tools & Supplies

Pliers - Jewelry Pliers Tools Set
Beads - Special Pendant, Charm, Metal or crystal beads

Wire   - Metal wire connect the beads 

Board - Bean design board to keep jewelry parts in place

Eye Pin - Use Eye Pin to connect beads together
Jump Rings - use this to create dangle earrings
Fish Hook Ear Wire - Use this for the Hook of the earring


Reference - Use Blogs or YouTube video regarding making custom earrings, i use this.

Beads - Select the beards or charms you want to use for your earrings

Remove unwanted part - if your beads or charms has two loops (top and bottom), you should remove one so it looks more professionally made

Connect Beads - if you have multiple beads need to get connected, you can use Eye Pin to wire them together, you can also use jump rings to connect them together to create dangling look

Connect Hook - use medal wire or Jump rings to connect the beads with the Fish Hook Ear Wire

More Pictures